Elevate Your Event with Live Design & Print Station: Custom Merchandise Comes to Life

In today's age of personalization, where every individual seeks unique experiences, Align Co introduces a game-changing service to Malaysia: Live Design & Print Station. It's an exclusive and premium live event printing service that allows your event guests to transform their creativity into custom merchandise, bringing home not just memories but tangible personalized items that are as unique as they are.

A Creative Playground for Your Guests

Imagine an event where every attendee becomes a designer. Our intuitive app empowers participants to unleash their creativity, design, and personalize their very own memorabilia. The possibilities are endless; no two items are created identically. Every piece is hand-designed, and every clipart is meticulously adjusted based on each individual's liking. Personalize it with your name or a meaningful quote, and choose from a rich array of fonts and colors to make it truly your own.

A Range of Customizable Products

Our Live Design & Print Station offers a diverse range of customizable products, ensuring that there's something for everyone. From stylish tote bags and trendy t-shirts to personalized mugs and sleek water bottles, the options are extensive. Your guests can mix and match, selecting the products that resonate with their style and preferences, creating a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake.

What We Need On Site

To ensure the smooth operation of our Live Design & Print Station, here's what we require on-site:

  • 3 Dedicated Power Outlets: Each connected to a 14+ AMP breaker for each printing station to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

  • 3m x 2m Space: A designated area of this size to set up our station, allowing your guests to design and print with ease.

Elevate your event and leave a lasting impression with Align Co's Live Design & Print Station. It's not just about creating custom merchandise; it's about creating memorable experiences that your attendees will cherish. Contact us today to make your event truly unique and personalized.

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