Align Co stands as a leading provider of personalized branding solutions. Our comprehensive range of services and products is meticulously crafted to align with your brand's unique message, ensuring that each creation not only represents a product but an unforgettable experience. What truly distinguishes us is our ability to personalize items with individual names at events, creating a lasting impact on each attendee.

So, if you have an event coming up soon and would like to have something to provide to your guests or visitors? You can now have their own design printed on the merchandise such as t-shirt, canvas bag, mug, and many more, while organizer can have their logo and specific event design for it.

Align Co is service provider to event, roadshow, exhibitions or product launches in Malaysia focused on personalised gift, digital printing and heat transfer apparel or goodies for your merchandies marketing. This makes them a great marketing tool for any brand, business or corporation.

Our Expertise and Offerings:

  • Leather Embossing: As experts in the art of leatherwork, our skilled artisans employ premium materials to craft exceptional products like cardholders, luggage tags, journals, and keychains, all of which can be embossed with your logo and their individual names.
  • Laser Engraving: Our services encompass a wide range of techniques, including laser engraving on items such as NFC cards, wooden items, glass items, jewelry, utensils, and tech gadgets, ensuring versatility in our offerings. We can burn through all types of cool products with preset designs or custom personalization.  Pretty much anything leather, cork, wood, glass or metal can be decorated on site. 
  • Digital Printing: We extend our services to encompass digital printing on items like tote bags, caps, t-shirts, and more, enabling vibrant and dynamic representations of your brand.  
  • Comprehensive Categories: Our range spans diverse categories, including eco-friendly products, kitchenware, office supplies, travel accessories, and household items, catering to a broad spectrum of branding requirements. 
  • To view the list of items: Catalogue (Beyond Leather)



Customization and Convenience:

  • Tailored Experiences: Beyond personalization, we provide custom packaging and branded decoration to craft a truly distinctive gifting experience that mirrors your brand's identity.
  • Flexible Setup: Our operations require minimal space and are highly adaptable to your event's layout. Our mobility enables us to offer our services throughout Malaysia, ensuring convenience and accessibility.
  • Live Monogramming: For a budget-friendly yet high-impact brand activation, our live monogramming service can personalize items like bandanas, shirts, and bags on-site, adding an exclusive touch to your event.


Align Co is dedicated to enhancing your brand's presence through personalized merchandise services that resonate with your audience. Our expert craftsmanship, diverse personalization techniques, and commitment to creating unique experiences make us the ideal partner for your branding needs. Explore our website or contact us today to discover how we can revolutionize your branding strategy.  

Past Events:

Take a look at some of the previous personalisation events we've had the pleasure of being a part of, creating unique and personalised leather products for companies and organisations who wanted to leave a lasting impression on their employees and clients.

866B8F10-1ED7-4AAB-B8B0-7EE54E33032C 207964A2-18AD-434B-B16D-F3D72F00F3DA

Event: SHOPEE x GIGI Coffee 11.11 Drinks Launch Event

Venue: Gigi Coffee Home Barista  

We personalized leather cup sleeves with names of the KOLs. Guests were intrigued by the interactive experience, proving that our service is the perfect pre-event activity.

Check out the event highlight here: SHOPEE x GIGI Coffee (Video)

3046CED7-949B-42E7-8015-B63A19302669 9F369C1E-D5DC-41E3-A463-2D3BD63590DF

Event: Subsea7 2023 Annual Dinner

Venue: W Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

Our on-site leather keychains and cardholders, meticulously embossed with the Subsea7 logo, took the evening by storm. Guests eagerly lined up to have their names added, turning these keepsakes into cherished mementos.

Check out the event highlight here: Subsea7 Annual Dinner (Video)

57EAB603-E4D5-48CC-8B67-C835C9DCFB8F BAFD8F78-8D72-4A74-999A-2C1F07F01345

Event: Marketing Campaign by Tanqueray Gin 

Venue: SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands 

Elevating the art of personalization at Tanqueray Gin's exclusive event by infusing their distinctive mark on customized tags. This bespoke touch adds an unparalleled level of individuality to the experience.

Check out the event highlight here: Tanqueray Gin Personalisation (Video)

IMG-3362  IMG_6195

Event: Marketing Campaign by La Coste

Venue: Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Complimentary personalisation on La Coste leather goods, including leather bags and cardholders, driving traffic and increasing sales with our unique service. 

Check out the event highlight here: La Coste Personalisation (Video)

IMG_0424 IMG_0428

Event: Marketing Campaign by Cole Haan

Venue: Mitsui Outlet, KLIA

Complimentary personalisation on our full-grain leather luggage tags, allowing customers to add their name or initials onto the tags, creating a unique and personalised touch. 

Check out the event highlight here: Cole Haan Personalisation (Video)

E5B665AE-A999-491E-8915-63AC4000DD8D 957EF269-DFEF-44D5-9D23-21E8D78754F4

Event: Leather Keychain Workshop for Tracey

Venue:The Hungry Tapir

In collaboration with tracey.my, we held a leather keychain workshop. Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to learn leathercrafting, via step-by-step guidance on creating their personalized keychains. They discovered how easy and enjoyable it can be to craft something beautiful with their own hands. This workshop was thoughtfuly design to be beginner-friendly and chill, creating a relaxed and interactive environment.

Check out the event highlight here: Tracey Leathercraft Workshop (Video)

C1593126-B3C2-4FDA-8EA7-06772482FF9A 3D8F8EA3-EFCB-4D50-B6DA-8A40771591D5

Event: Sanofi CNY Event

Venue: Sanofi KL Office 

We personalized leather keychains with names of employees of Sanofi. They were intrigued by the interactive experience. 

Check out the event highlight here: Sanofi CNY Event (Video)

Head on to our on-site focused website to view what we offer and our past event experiences: Home | Align Co | Malaysia (thealign.live)

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