Align Live On-Site Personalisation at Love, Bonito Flagship Store, TRX

Align Live On-Site Personalisation at Love, Bonito Flagship Store, TRX

Love, Bonito, Southeast Asia’s largest omni-channel womenswear brand, has opened its first Malaysian flagship store in The Exchange TRX. Align Co is privileged to be part of this event with an exceptional fusion of style and tradition. In addition to Love, Bonito's captivating range of signature styles, the flagship store offers cutting-edge features tailored for your utmost comfort and convenience. Say goodbye to queue frustrations with our pioneering electronic queueing system, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Indulge in private fitting sessions within our versatile modular fitting rooms, ideal for sharing outfit trials with your closest friends. Unwind and rejuvenate in our exclusive lounge area, while your companions explore our extensive collection at their leisure.

One standout feature of the event was the opportunity for guests to indulge in personalized leather embossing, adding an extra layer of sophistication to their Lunar New Year festivities.

Amidst the vibrant ambiance of the celebration, guests were invited to experience the art of personalized craftsmanship firsthand. Align Co's skilled artisans were on hand to emboss initials onto leather red packet pouches that we specially designed for Love, Bonito. As attendees eagerly watched their pieces being personalized, a sense of excitement and anticipation filled the air, adding to the joyous atmosphere of the Lunar New Year festivities.

Attendees not only personalized their leather pouches but also indulged in an unforgettable shopping journey, exploring Love, Bonito's latest collections and exclusive offerings.

The event represented the perfect marriage of fashion and tradition, with each personalized leather piece serving as a cherished memento of the Lunar New Year celebration. From the practicality of securely holding red packets to the chic elegance of the design, every detail was thoughtfully crafted to enhance the festive spirit and create lasting memories for all who attended.

As guests departed with their beautifully customized leather accessories in hand, they carried with them not only a piece of Love, Bonito's signature style but also a sense of connection to the rich cultural heritage of the Lunar New Year. It was truly a celebration to remember, marking the beginning of a prosperous and stylish new year ahead.

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