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Elevatating Experience with Personalised NFC Metal Business Cards

At Align Co, we believe in the power of unique connections. Introducing our On-Site NFC Smart Metal Business Card Personalization service – where your card isn't just a card, it's a crafted masterpiece. Instead of carrying hundreds of paper business cards that eventually get lost or destroyed, you only need one! This exquisite metal customized business card uses NFC to transfer your digital profile into anyone’s smartphone without using any complicated apps. Everything is quick, easy, and failproof.

How It Works for Your Event Attendees:

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By offering this service at your event, attendees not only receive a thoughtful and practical keepsake but also engage in a memorable and interactive experience.

Why Choose Us for Your Event?

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Corporate Customization Option: Corporate partners have the additional option to pre-engrave cards with their logo, adding a sophisticated and branded touch to each card distributed at the event.

Engage Align On-Site Personalization for Your Next Event!

Don't miss the opportunity to offer your attendees an unparalleled networking experience. Engage Align Co. to set up a booth at your next event and elevate the networking game with on-site NFC smart metal business cards.

Corporate partners can also extend this innovative service to their employees, providing a tech-forward tool for making a memorable first impression at events and social gatherings.

Be remembered. Be unique. Align On-Site Personalization.

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