Secure On-Site Personalisation Now to Enjoy Exclusive Savings

Secure On-Site Personalisation Now to Enjoy Exclusive Savings

Dazzle your event attendees with the captivating allure of live embossing or laser engraving, making your occasion the talk of the town. Secure an on-site personalization brand activation before April 30, 2024, and enjoy exclusive savings.

Are you making a lasting impact at your events? Elevate your next gathering by investing in an interactive experience that not only grabs attention but also stays etched in memories long after the event concludes.

Events demand a considerable investment, and our live experience is designed to maximize your returns. An on-site brand activation by Align Co is the key to drawing attention, sparking conversations, and leaving a positively indelible mark.


Immerse your audience in personalized on-site brand activations with Align Co, tapping into the irresistible charm of customized merchandise to captivate attention. Our process involves visitors completing a dedicated landing page on iPads or smartphones, guiding our on-site decorator to craft their own bespoke giveaway.

Here's why it's a game-changer:

  • Everyone loves personalized merchandise, and as these items make their way across the venue, your booth transforms into a focal point.
  • It provides multiple opportunities to engage with excited visitors.
  • Capture valuable data from the bespoke landing page for your team's post-event strategy.
  • Visitors receive branded merchandise, creating a lasting impression long after the event, resulting in multiple impressions.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer: Be among the first to book an Align Co activation before April 30, 2024, and enjoy a generous RM1000 discount on your activation. While we are based in KL, our activations span across Malaysia. Seize this opportunity now by clicking here to secure your on-site brand activation.

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